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NFI Subscription Model starting from $9/m

Introducing new way to purchase NFI E-Learning courses!

NFI is introducing new ways of payment for our all best selling E-Learning courses. We have categories our courses as Basic Industrial Automation, Advanced Industrial Automation and Professional Industrial Automation Modules on the basis of customer requirement.

NFI Subscription Models

Basic Industrial Automation Module

Ideal for University/College students who wants to learn the fundamentals of various elements of Industrial Automation – PLC, HMI, SCADA and AC Drives

Basic Module
$03 Hours
45+ lectures or about 3 hours of free content on PLC, HMI, SCADA, AC Drives- VFD,  Servo & Factory Automation

Advanced Industrial Automation Module

Ideal for Engineering students of specialized branch like Mechatronics, Automation, Robotics, Electrical or similar who are learning Industrial Automation as a subject

Advanced Module
300+ Lectures or 40+ Hours content to Learn PLC Wiring , Programming and Integration with HMI or SCADA software

Professional Industrial Automation Module

Ideal for Industrial Engineers, Self-businessman & Hobbyist who finds interest in learning PLC, HMI, SCADA,  AC drives and implementing them in their projects

Pro. Module
450+ Lectures  or 65+ Hours content to Learn PLC,  AC Drives and their Integration with HMI & SCADA. + S7-1200 Course

Note: In Advanced and Professional Industrial Automation Modules you will get NFI Authorized access to download PLC exercise solutions, PLC Programs, PLC Simulator and Presentations used in the courses with technical support to your queries.

If you have any query regarding the subscription model kindly write to or call/whatsapp at +49-17636735784

Technology Platform

  • Allen Bradley PLC Micrologix 1000, Micrologix 1400 – Supported Software – Rs Logix 500, Rs Linx
  • Delta PLC- DVP 14 SS, DVP 12 SA – Supported Softwares – WPL Soft
  • Siemens PLC – S7 200, S7-1200  – Supported Software – Step 7, MicroWin, TIA
  • Omron CP1E PLC- Supported Software Cx One
  • AC Drives – VFD- Powerflex 4M, Delta M- Series, L- Series, Siemens V20, Servo Drive– Delta ASDB B Series, DC Stepper Drive
  • HMI– Delta B Series, AB C300
  • Interactive Training System – ITS PLC, FACTORY I/O and HOME I/O by Real Games
  • Monitoring Card USD DAQ 4750 & 4704
  • Project- Industrial Conveyor, Pneumatic Robotic Arm, Linear Drive control, Luggage lifting

How to Enroll?

Studying of PLC is a big factor to myself as an electrical contractor. it helps more for all my electrical project and this is what I say “innovation” which is from more actual relays in appearance to a single PLC device. Enrolling this course is an opportunity and learning of how to program a circuit is FUN. More fun in PLC, nice and very interesting.

Ariel Julve

First of all, I wish to thank Mr. Rajvir Singh for creating such a wonderful course. This course includes the basic theories of control circuits, concepts of PLC, programming commands of PLC and application of PLC commands in real world scenario, which are all necessary and vital to enhance the learning process. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn PLC programming.

EC Yip

Learning PLC,HMI & VFD with NFI is awesome which gives one a clear definition into the world of automation. Quite comprehensive and interesting, a good one for any seeking knowledge. Mr. Rajvir, honestly your the best. You made something new in me by impacting knowledge that even in years to come can’t be gotten anywhere. Keep it up

Obinna Dennis Okereke
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