HOME I/O- Bringing Home Automation

HOME I/O- Bringing Home Automation

Fundamental Skills
Wiring Skills
Programming Skills
Notes and Exercises
Enter & Explore A Smart House Simulation using PLC Logics in Connect I/O

Home I/O- Bringing Home Automation

Home I/O is an educational software which simulates a smart house and allows you to learn and improve your skills in home automation, heat transfer, energy efficiency and much more. It can be as simple as controlling any of the available devices, like a motorized garage door or a thermostat, or as sophisticated as setting up a network to enable centralized control of the entire home.

174 Controllable Devices- More than 400 I/O points. Interact with all the lighting, heating, motorized, intrusion security and domestic safety devices in one of the three available Modes: Wired, Console and External.

Home Automation Console- Practice centralized control of the house by creating specific scenarios in the Console Mode for different situations like Vacations, Security & Monitoring or Energy Management.

Connect External Technologies – Use Connect I/O to get unlimited possibilities by accessing and controlling Home I/O through external technologies, like PLC, microcontrollers, etc.

Fee: $16Lifetime

Course Outline

  1. High Quality Video Tutorials which will explains “How to use Soft PLC Logics to control Home I/O Environment“?
  2. Digital & Analog Signal Manipulation
  3. Latching & Unlatching Operation
  4. Study of Motion Detection, Security Lock & Intruder Alert by Soft PLC Logics
  5. Soft PLC Fundamental Logics- NO, NC, SR, RS, TON, TOFF, CTU, CTD, CTUD, ASSIGN, Real Time Control
  6. Supported Manuals & Documents
What are the requirements?
  • Home I/O – 3 Months Licensed Software
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 38 lectures and 4.5 hours of content!
  • To Learn Home Automation Concept
  • Program & Control Smart House via Connect I/O
  • Learn the application of FBD Programming in Home Automation
What is the target audience?
  • High School Students
  • Science & Engineering Students
  • Techies & Geeks
Fee: $16Lifetime

Course Demo


Student License
$49180 days
Get student license and link your Home I/O with all the available modules
Ultimate License
Access HOMEI I/O for lifetime with all available modules. Specially for students, hobbyist and self-learners
This is an encyclopedia of where you will get articles to troubleshoot and explore functions of HOME I/O

Studying of PLC is a big factor to myself as an electrical contractor. it helps more for all my electrical project and this is what I say “innovation” which is from more actual relays in appearance to a single PLC device. Enrolling this course is an opportunity and learning of how to program a circuit is FUN. More fun in PLC, nice and very interesting.

Ariel Julve

First of all, I wish to thank Mr. Rajvir Singh for creating such a wonderful course. This course includes the basic theories of control circuits, concepts of PLC, programming commands of PLC and application of PLC commands in real world scenario, which are all necessary and vital to enhance the learning process. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn PLC programming.

EC Yip

Learning PLC,HMI & VFD with NFI is awesome which gives one a clear definition into the world of automation. Quite comprehensive and interesting, a good one for any seeking knowledge. Mr. Rajvir, honestly your the best. You made something new in me by impacting knowledge that even in years to come can’t be gotten anywhere. Keep it up

Obinna Dennis Okereke
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