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NFI is an Industrial Automation Training Academy located in Zirakpur (Punjab) exists to bridge the skill gap between Industries & Engineers. We train students/professionals in Automation Training in the areas of Embedded System, Arduino, LabVIEW, PLC, SCADA, HMI, AC Drives, Servo, Pneumatic & Hydraulics that can help them in securing their path to success.


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“..I couldn’t be more happier with my decision to attend NFI. NFI is very welcoming and so student focused especially with Mr. Rajvir.. I have been challenged and have learned so much. Great Courses if you get involved.  Mr. Rajvir is really friendly and actually cares about you. I have been treated like a friend. He makes sure and put all of his energy and effort  for a student to make a change. Very flexible with the timing. I would say he is the best. I would highly recommend NFI.…”

Ali, New York

You just explained in 5 minutes, what made my PLC instructor 3 days to go. And you made far more sense…”

Al Boxx, Logan US

Rajvir is by far the most talented instructor as far PLC training is concerned. After trying numerous courses online, I land up enrolling for NFI Automation and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Rajvir not only taught me and cleared the concepts of PLCs, VFDs, Analog & Digital cards, HMI, etc. but he changed the definition online training by introducing LIVE classes. He listens to your queries patiently and clears your doubt with examples. After joining these classes, I feel confident as far as programming PLCs are concerned and can see myself growing in Automation Industry. I strongly recommend Rajvir for his style of teaching and command on automation product.

Mr. Avinash , Canada

I always wondered about how the systems are really complex, But after a few lectures and the study that it made me do. I am finding complexity to be really simple. Thanks to Mr. Rajvir, I mean that guy has knowledge and it’s always a pleasure learning from him

Dhruv Angrish, Automation Engineer, Orissa

I have never seen this much clear explanation, Thank you so much.

Abdul Fazal

Your videos are succinct & information. I am a subscriber, you have a talent to make electronics easy to follow

Sergio Alvarado, Canada

Mr. Singh, thanks a lot for the discussion about “easy512-AC-RC.. You’re such a great teacher for PLC & programming. Keep the good work.

Ariel Julve, Saudi Arabia

After doing this training, I am know confident of buying PLC, VFD, and HMI for a company and wire it and program for this kind of task. Your method of teaching was really good and I learnt a lot. See u in the afternoon.

Ravendra Chand, Fiji

Studying of PLC is a big factor to myself as an electrical contractor. it helps more for all my electrical project and this is what I say “innovation” which is from more actual relays in appearance to a single PLC device. Enrolling this course is an opportunity and learning of how to program a circuit is FUN. More fun in PLC, nice and very interesting.

Mr. Ariel Julve, Riyad

First of all, I wish to thank Mr. Rajvir Singh for creating such a wonderful course. This course includes the basic theories of control circuits, concepts of PLC, programming commands of PLC and application of PLC commands in real world scenario, which are all necessary and vital to enhance the learning process. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn PLC programming.

EC Yip, Malaysia

Best material with the best Instructor -Being a Mechatronics Engineer, my main concern was to master all types of PLCs . I’ve searched for different online courses on PLC, and a friend of mine recommended me to NFI Automation. This is my 3rd week with Mr Rajvir’s PLC course, and I really feel so confident now in solving complex problems.Mr Rajvir’s style of teaching is beyond professional teaching. He is so good in the field with a very high degree of concern for his students.You won’t feel student-instructor thing with him but having a discussion with a close friend.Thanks to Mr Rajvir and to NFI team for making this online course possible.

Faysal, Sweden



If you have something to ask? Join the discussion below!


  • Rv Singh

    In our next update i will make tutorials on Hardware interlock for PLC Systems, in which you will see how we can use E-stop at various location in the circuit to stop the voltage signals coming from the sensors and signals going out of the PLC. This can be also used to make Static Input/Output check of running PLC without affecting the actuators.

  • Rv Singh

    Let us know, what are your requirements? You can write to us at

  • mohamed

    i want cores at Arabic

    • Rv Singh

      Sorry friend, but we don’t have Arabic teacher/translator. Our lessons are only in English

  • Husniddin

    Hi! Mr. Rv Singh. I like your Plc traingni cours. I am from In uzbekistan

    • Rv Singh

      Hello Husniddin,

      Thank you for the appreciation.

  • Gerard Capler

    I am trying to follow the lessons you have on You tube but I can’t seem to locate the free software to download you mentioned in lesson 3. Can you Assist please?

  • Gerard Capler

    Thank you Rv Singh. I was able to find the software.

    • Rv Singh

      Your welcome !

  • muhammad junaid

    Dear Rv singh,

    please guide,,, Is western union payment method is still available to get the courses,,,, as i do not have access to other payment methods.

    • Rv Singh

      Yes, the western union payment is still allowed. Please write to us at about the course which you want to enroll for !

  • Yuvraj Rana

    hello Rv Singh,
    currently i am working in a one of automation in india. i am new in it so i want to take a training from you so please help me out and give me detail about it

    • Rv Singh

      Dear Yuvraj,
      We are replying you via E-mail.

  • Abhishek

    Hi RV Singh,
    I’m struggling with Omron Sysmac C20 ‘s .. need guidance on reprogramming it – i dont the remote programming hardware which is the Omran PRO15 – wonder if same can be achieved with a software ..

    my email ID is – if you could kindly revert with your contact details pls.
    whatspp – +919820812481


    • Rv Singh

      Hello Abhishek! I am contacting you via E-mail! Let’s discuss

  • Rv Singh

    Hello Kaseem,
    No it does not use PLC, it may have some kind of embedded controller to control the mechanism. Let me know, why would you need to ask this? Is there something i can help you with?

  • Rv Singh

    Hello Gagandeep,
    Greetings from NFI,

    You can visit this page to select the module of 6 Months Training in NFI.

    You can write to us at for any query!

  • Ompong Orpilla

    hello… u have training school here in dubai….?pls reply….thankz

    • Rv Singh

      Hello! No we don’t have training academy in Dubai! What’s the catch?

  • prashant

    sir…what does the constant 120 indicate in the speed of motor…120f/number of poles…????

    • Rv Singh

      Dear Prashant,

      The speed of motor is = (120 x F)/P

      F = Frequency
      P = Number of Poles
      120 = Constant, it’s actually the phase difference in line signal!

      • Usman saleem

        120 is the phase angle of line???
        or it is a conversion from seconds to minutes ?? 60*2????????????????

        • Rv Singh

          If you are talking about power signal, 120 is the phase difference between line to line voltage. In other words, the line signal does not come simultaneously but one after the other and that time difference is dependent on frequency as well.

    • Rv Singh

      120 is constant, it’s generally the phase difference between the 3 phases of AC voltage.

  • Rv Singh

    Dear Ravindra,

    Sorry we do not have specific courses on the PLC module you mentioned. But if you learn Allen Bradley & Siemens module, i am sure you can replicate the gained skills on Yaskawa F7, G7 and other PLC’s. You can check our best selling courses at

  • Rv Singh

    Dear Noe,

    The price 69.30 USD is the promotional coupon price, which is shared in social websites, our offers plans. So it’s by chance you missed that coupon and enrolled directly to our course at this E- Learning platform: where the price of the course is 99 USD only. So it’s not a mistake from our side, i hope you understand.

    • noe asuque

      Thank you sir for the immediate response don’t worry I do understand..looking forward for the course

      • Rv Singh

        The course has been already given to you. Please let me know if you face any difficulties!

        • noe asuque

          good day sir,can you help build my own plc trainer the same as what i have seen in your much does it cost and what are the materials?

          • Rv Singh

            Ofcourse we will help you. Please write to for detailed conversation.

            You need to procure:
            Input Switches
            Power Supply

            Rough cost: 300 ~ 400 USD

          • noe asuque

            good day to you sir rajvir, is it possible to practice in delta wplsoft without my hardware just to see and check my ladder diagram?how i wish to build my own plc trainer but i have to save money first since dvp controllers is very expensive.

          • Rv Singh

            Yes Noe, it is possible. Ths you can do by running the software in simulator mode. To use simulator mode, we are launching few videos in the course soon. You will be informed.

            You can also try the following steps:
            1) Run your WPL Soft as administrator (by right click options)
            2) Activate the Simulator (top right menu in the menu bar options)
            3) Make the logic and download.(Although you dont have PLC, but the software will act like you have one)

          • noe asuque

            Thanks a lot sir I am so happy and satisfied by your advices and will try and practice it more often..thank you so much…

          • Rv Singh

            Alright your welcome !

  • jitendra dixit

    in oil and gas drilling how we detect inside earth there is rock or oil which sensor i can used

    • Rv Singh

      This is very specific topic, we do not have expertise on that., you need to consult oil and gas company!

  • Rv Singh

    I am replying to you Email.

  • Nagendra Yadav

    Dear Sir, after watching online PLC automation demo I want to know that you only provide the tool kit of automation or also take a regular class where you give PLC automation training.

  • Usman saleem

    If PLC output is transistor and we energize a relay with it. The PLC output will damage.??
    What you say sir Rv Singh.

    • Rv Singh

      Hello Usman,

      Generally PLC Transistor output current rating is 0.1 amps., if your relay coil current rating is < 0.1 Amp then your PLC is safe, if it's more than the output will be damaged.

      So it's all game of current ratings.

  • hamza saleem

    sir..i want to connect two VFDs with one plc so can u tell me how can i do this…??

    • Rv Singh

      Yes, it’s easy! Tell me what operations you want to control first? Based on that, i can tell you the wiring!

  • Rv Singh

    Hello Noe,

    Please check Lecture 6, Lecture 124 to see how you can use simulators to check your logics. These lectures are updated recently. It’s not possible to link your Automation Studio with WPL Soft., but i would suggest you this course if you want real time virtual simulation of PLC Logics:

    With this course, you will get 6 month student license as well.

  • SlhXfa1C0n

    did you have some sort if tutorial for free ?

  • Rv Singh

    Hello Swatantra,
    For learning Servo, this course with 50% discount coupon would be really helpful for you

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Plz give me some application examples project on analog signal by using Delta PLC

    • Rv Singh

      Please check the secure download area of NFI website. You will find some notes on Analog control with application example.

  • Rv Singh

    Can you please elaborate what you want to download please? Or write to us directly at

  • Rv Singh

    Dear Saisrikanth,

    Our best selling course – Advanced Industrial Automation ( prepared you for PLC, HMI and Drives circuit designing, algorithm designing in ladder logic and installation with custom requirement. Your job title of control and instrumentation engineer needs these particular skills for career enhancement. I would say, this would be the step 1 in this wide area of engineering. For specific question you can write us at

    • saisrikanth duvvuri

      Thank you for giving valuble suggistion sir, due job condition i want to join online courses and i want certificates also it is possible or not.?

      • Rv Singh

        Yes, after course completion you will get a certificate automatically from our server. We have special plugin which will track your progress along with the course. Once you complete 100% you will get the certificate.

  • Ishwer singh poonia

    Dear rajvir sir i want to watch videos of encoder RPM and direction feedback on youtube but these are not available. only position feadback is available so please help me..thanks

  • Mustafa Md Haroon

    sir i want to make cut to length application so how to calculate incremental encoder pulse to mm size

    • Rv Singh

      Please check our Encoder video tutorials for the same,

  • Mihir kumar

    How to switch on off the 230 v ac suuply through PLC ?

    • Rv Singh

      If you mean using output’s then use a relay. Connect a relay to PLC output- Connect LIVE to relay’s common and one terminal of your 220V device to it’s NO terminal and another to Neutral directly.

  • rohit

    sir i want free plc tutorial series…

    • Rv Singh

      Check out our free/paid PLC tutorials at

  • Rv Singh

    Dear Aashutosh,

    We do have course specifically for Delta and Allen Bradley drive which you can find here:

    This course is valid for lifetime, please check it’s preview videos to get an idea about course methodology.

  • Rv Singh

    Hello Kumar,

    yes we do have Advanced AC Drive course- VFD, Stepper and Servo available for 49 USD (2940 INR) after 50% discount. You can check the following link for details:

    For Debit payment:

  • shankar

    sir i am working in an fmcg plant ,but there is very little to learn about automation. sir i want my name to be associated with giants like rockwell automation and siemens . sir how can nfi help me in that. and what should be my path according to u so that one day i can live my dream . please help me sir

    • Rv Singh

      dear Shankar,

      To associate your name with giants you mentioned you need to undergo direct training under them, if that’s not an option than you need to learn their software training courses. NFI can offer you an online learning platform where you can learn PLC and drives from these brands at very affordable cost.

      You can enroll in our course – Advanced Industrial Automation for the same.

  • praveen

    sir the advanced industrial automation certificate course is not there in teachers day discount. Sir I would enroll into the course if I get the discount. Is advanced industrial automation certificate course combination of learn 5 plcs in a day + ac drive control VFD stepper and servo. Please mention the difference between the courses.

    • Rv Singh

      Dear Praveen,

      No that course is not in the teacher’s day discount. But yes, that course is the combo of Learn 5 PLC’s in a day and Advanced AC Drive- VFD, Stepper and Servo. So you can buy those two courses individually. This teachers day discount is ending soon. Make sure you buy it before it ends.

      • praveen

        Sir, Just now I bought the 2 courses. Excited to learn new things from you… Thank you for the discount sir.

        • Rv Singh

          Your welcome :)

  • Rv Singh

    DCS is a network and PLC is an element of this network. In DCS we have loops which are not dependent on other loop. These loop works independently to control one or another process like temperature, pressure or level. And in this loop we could have PLC or PID. So in short PLC could be part of this loop being a controller

  • Rv Singh

    Can you share the manual for these two please?

  • Adelowo Adewale

    Sir, thanks for the tutorial trainings. It a big one from you. however, I downloaded automation studio pro 6.0, each time i lunch I was prompted to enter license key infromation

    • Rv Singh

      Please find the license in the crack folder of your installation files. It must be dere. Either Key or patch files (dll files).

  • Rv Singh

    Dear Fahad,

    Yes, we do provide courses to International students. We have Online and offline course. For Online courses you can visit our website main page: and for offline courses you will get details here:


    Mr.Rajvir i am working as a E&I engineer in cement industry i am basically from EEE background, i want to learn ABB PLC programming so how your academy can help me out to make this true.

    • Rajvir Singh

      Sorry we do not have ABB PLC Programming specifically. But we have a course named “Learn 5 PLC’s in a Day” in which you will learn Siemens, Allen Bradley, Delta, Schneider and Omron., an trust me after learning will have better idea of how to program ABB PLC. get course details here:


    Thanks for your response, can you tell me how can i access your lectures? and for how many days can i access it?, is there any option to download ur lecture after payment? How can i raise my queries after a lecture? And can i get some project training after finishing the course in your supervisory? .

    I will be highly obliged if u clarify my above queries about the course

    • Rajvir Singh

      Dear Student,

      Your query has been resolved via E-mail. Let me know if there is anything else we can help you with!

  • Rajvir Singh

    Hello Krishna,

    let me know what information you need on PLC?

  • Rajvir Singh
    • Rajvir Singh

      It is present in the downloaded file only. Please locate a text file which includes the code.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Yes, you will get the certificate.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Dear Danish,

    You will get certificate online automatically after completion of the course. this certificate you can track/print for lifetime.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Dear Arun.

    We do have Classroom training as well.. i’m sharing direct link for our classroom training courses :

    For classroom training enquiry you can write to or Call Mr Pankaj at: +91-9915149680


  • Rajvir Singh

    Hello Jhon,
    I am sorry our courses are only in English!

  • Rajvir Singh

    this video will make it clear to you :

    • Roger

      Dear Rajvir, Thanks for your video link. Actually based on your video I had made an communication program for Delta PLC. But I am stuck in one step of MODRW “Stop” instruction where I need to send stop command to two Delta VFD’s at the same time. I have used rising edge of M1012 to trigger one sending request and falling edge of M1012 to trigger next sending request. But sometimes the stop instruction gets missed and both VFD’s doesn’t stop at the same instant. Is there a way I can send you my program so you can have a look at it.

      • Rajvir Singh

        To stop the VFD don’t interrupt the sending request.. just send he STOP code in the operation register i.e. H2001

  • Rajvir Singh

    Dear Mukesh,

    You need to purchase the activation key which will cost you about 1000 Euros., but if you want to use for personal purpose then you can get student license valid for 6 months for 3000 INR only.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Dear Kumar,

    The registration process takes 24 hours. Please check your E-mail we have sent you the course already. If there is anything else, feel free to reply.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Please share your logic at I will have a look!

  • Rajvir Singh

    Dear Mukesh,

    To learn PLC programming i will recommend you our best selling course- Learn 5 PLC’s in a Day which you can buy for 2940 INR with lifetime validity. Here is the course preview link:

    If you want to pay in INR check this link:

  • Muhammad Sabtain Tahir

    can I do this online

    • Rajvir Singh

      Yes you can do that online. Let me know which course interest you the most?

  • Rajvir Singh

    Yes it is possible in specific cases only like in VFD you can control 2 (400 W) motors using one 1 KW VFD. But not in case of stepper or servo.

  • Rajvir Singh

    JSR is typically used if you have a part of program which you want to use again and again. So you will make it’s logic in separate ladder files (subroutine) and call it in main program when required.

    Example: Let’s talk about Paint production.In mixing operation where motor has to rotate fwd/rev multiple times at different speed and duration.

    And you have product coming in the mixer with different colors. So for mixing you can just call the subroutine anytime when required. because mixing is similar for the color combination.

    MCR- It is used to disable some ladders which are in MCR zone. So it’s kind of Emergency control. Of course you can do that using other logic as well. but yeah, MCR is one of the option.So there is no specific application of this command., its just to turn off and disable the output

    SBR- It’s subroutine which we call using JSR as explained in the first point. So JRS will call SBR (logic of mixing). We will write JSR in main logic only.

  • Rajvir Singh

    Dear Mukesh,

    Sorry we do not have software for Mitsubishi. Please take help from google

  • Rajvir Singh

    Hello Faiz,
    Greetings from NFI

    You can get the course in INR from this link:
    This course is downloadable ..but not available in DVD as per our policy. But you can access this course for lifetime. That is for sure. Let me know if you have any more questions.


    hello sir ,,
    i actually not able to understand as we are giving 220vac supply to the input ,,,how its convert to 24vdc i know there is SMPS which convert dc to dc .lots to my friends given different types of answer .i am confused ..need a proper explanation

    • Rajvir Singh

      Dear Mukesh, because we have transformer in SMPS which step down the voltage to 24VAC then you have filtering circuit to make it DC. It’s simple as it sounds.


        got it sir ,,,now everything is clear tanx

        • Rajvir Singh



    sir i am doing basic training in industrial automation which is of 3 month duration course,,after that i am looking for an advance course so how your academy can help me,,

  • Marc Feber

    Please let me know what is DBTC Control Logic Upgrade. I have completed PLC training course but still i want to learn more in the automation industry , please let me know whether its right or wrong to learn electrical training courses from any organisation.

    • Rajvir Singh

      Dear Marc, no idea about DBTC. And i cannot say whether it’s right or wrong. It’s totally on your interest., but if you are interested in learning in Automation field then you wont find Automation content in Electrical training. They would be focus more no currents and voltages. You can infact look for training in SCADA, Drives, Field buses, Ethernet., these are advanced topic in Automation.

  • srinivas

    Dear Rajvir

    I purchased the Advanced Industrial Automation course recently, but it only logins and signouts are working.

    I am trying to view my course(dashboard) it shows Application Error below.

    Application Error
    An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments.
    If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

    Kindly, any suggestion from your side, i think its 24/7 course access.

    • Rajvir Singh

      Dear Srivas,
      It was server error which has been resolved. Please check again., it’s working fine! Sorry for inconvenience.

  • Rv Singh

    Sorry we don’t have that course.

  • Rajvir Singh

    We do not have key of Automation Studio., please contact Automation Studio for the same.